Wheatgrass Juice Love

I’m a long time juicer. I had one for fruits and veggies 12 years ago that I was madly addicted to. Fast forward a bit, and I’m completely addicted to wheatgrass juice.

I was skeptical when I first gave it a try. I had heard good things for over a decade and was always curious. I finally gave in and got enough to last me 20 days, and took it reluctantly each day.

I wasn’t expecting anything. I was taking it hoping for an energy boost. I wasn’t looking to lose weight, or detox. The way I have always taken it, is a one ounce shot of pure wheatgrass juice mixed into 1 cup of cold water. It tastes exactly like iced green tea. I even love the taste. I usually take it an hour or so after lunch when I’m looking for that mid-day kick of oomph.

After 10 days of taking it, my results were undeniable. I felt completely energized, I cut my coffee consumption in half without even trying, I have more patience and am less irritable because I’m not a zombie mombie anymore, I don’t get depressed, it keeps me regular, focused…I’ve been very impressed, which is why it has remained a part of my regular diet.

20 Surprising Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice
  • Helps to kill bacteria
  • Can increase red blood cell count
  • Helps to restore fertility [yikes!]
  • Contains an insane amount of essential elements
  • Is a superior detoxification agent
  • a 1 ounce shot is equal to 1.5 pounds of garden veggies
  • Helps to purify the liver
  • Improves blood sugar issues
  • Can help to cure acne
  • Can help to reduce and eliminate acne scars
  • Is a natural antiseptic
  • Helps to neutralize strep infections
  • Helps to heal skin
  • Can help to cure chronic sinusitis
  • Helps to clear up ear infections
  • Helps to reduce varicose veins
  • Can prevent tooth decay
  • Improves Digestions
  • Increases Energy
  • Can reduce high blood pressure

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