[$850+ promo!] Home Security with ADT

When it was just Jaime and I, I didn’t care about home security. I kind of felt like whatever happened to us, we chose ourselves and I could live with it [or not live, if that be the case]. I was willing to take the risk. Sounds crazy, but that’s just how I felt.

I do not feel that way anymore. Since having the kids, we’ve been all about home security systems. I mean, you have to protect them. I could not live with the deepest, darkest repercussions. The chances are slim, but I’m not willing to take the chance.

Our top reasons for going pro home security:

1 >>> I feel awkward when I take a shower during nap time. Yeah, sure…I use a monitor to listen to the kids, but if anything happened, I’m all “soap in eyes” startled. When we moved to Missouri 2 years ago, a baby was kidnapped during nap time and is still missing. If I can help it, I don’t want to live that life. I’m so deeply upset for that family. If I can avoid it, I want to. Every precaution I can take, I willingly and openly want to take.

2 >>> We have a pretty set schedule. The worst thing you can do, is be consistent. I can’t help it. The kids, hubby and I have to be in certain places around the same time every week. A consistent schedule makes it really easy for people to figure you out.

3 >>> We live with a main road walkway running behind our house.

4 >>> We have valuables.

5 >>> I live a pretty public life…

There are TONS of other reasons, all adding up, but the point is...

In our newest home, we finally installed our security system. We had one in our apartment last year, but had yet to set one up in our house. I feel safer. I feel more comfortable. I am so ridiculously happy.

So…if you’re considering home security, I highly recommend ADT. That’s who we are using…

And I have a special promotion for you to take advantage of!

If you have been considering a home security system, this is the time to take advantage…

For only $99 [just the installation charge], you will get an entire security system that includes 7 entryway sensors, a motion detector, a keychain that has a panic button and remote arm/disarm, panic buttons all over the actual device and tons of other cool features. 

You can cover doors, windows - whatever you need. Of course you have to pay for monthly monitoring, which is only $36.99, but all of that equipment is completely free.

EVEN BETTER! If you have a previously installed system, you’ll get 15 entryway sensors + all the swag mentioned above.  If you're looking to upgrade, you'll want to take advantage too. 

The system is yours to keep FOREVER. If you move, it comes with you. They service and repair for life. You can add to what you have if you move to a new home with more entryways, you can adjust your service…it’s very flexible and pretty awesome.

ADT is really amazing.  They have so many other upgrades and additions that you can take advantage of for flood, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that automatically calls the fire department for you, you can monitor everything from your phone or computer anywhere in the world - they really are a spectacular service.     

If you’re interested in receiving this special, talking to a representative about all of your options, etc…contact me HERE [click] [milkandhoneynaturals@live.com] and I’ll send you everything you need to get all of the free equipment.

The ability for me to give out this promotion, never expires.  Even if this post is 5 years old, whether you live in California, New York, Missouri [seriously, anywhere!], if you're looking into home security, send me a note any time...

Live Safe. Live Free. Rock Hard.

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