DIY scary movie style distressed cabinet

The last room in our house that we’ve done nothing with, is our media room. As of a week ago, all we had were hand-me-down couches and a mix match assortment of furniture. We finally decided to work with a movie theater theme.

It makes sense. Why didn't I think of that before? It’s a media room and it’s sort of my husband’s man lair. It’s the one area where we can be almost humorous with the manliness. So, we just put in our order for a mock leather couch that is insanely guyish, a vintage camera for décor and some Hollywood type art and accessories. It’s so great because it works around my true love popcorn machine. It fits perfectly into our theme.

You know me! Instead of buying all new furnishings, I’ve decided to DIY a few things to fit in with the new vision. Last week I was feeling playful and decided to make our boring, incredibly cheap cabinet look like something move themed and playfully went scary movie. This is how I got the look >>>

This project didn’t cost me a thing. I used leftover black paint and leftover teal paint, leftover spray paint primer and silver spray paint, an old shirt for the actual painting job and a cheap cabinet. If you bought a small container of the same paints, a paint brush and the same cabinet, the project would be under $50 [use paint + primer in one!].

1 --> I was working with the fake wood, so I knew it would take a light base coat for the paint to stick. I dipped the old t-shirt into the black paint and put on a light first coat and let it dry. By the second coat, we were sticking good. I let that dry, then did a final rough third coat.

2 --> After the black was completely dry, I went over it with a light, messy coat of teal.

3 --> After the teal was completely dry, I went back over with an incredibly light coat of black.

4 --> I primed and spray painted the handles silver.

5 --> I used a butter knife to scratch the paint off all of the corners for an older, more distressed look.

That’s it. Super fun. 
It’s going to look incredible once we get the rest of our décor in here.

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