[DIY] Super Easy Travel Soap

These are so convenient if you travel often for business, are out camping, hitting the gym, having the best road trip adventure ever - you name it…it’s convenient.

Travel soaps also make incredible gifts! You can knock out a lot of people from your gift list [work friends, neighbors, etc…], they make awesome takeaway gifts for weddings, birthdays, dinner parties [and more!], or send a few of these bad boys to someone overseas in the military.

The options are endless. Everyone always loves them.

Handmade Soap or Solid Shampoo
Cotton Muslin drawstring bags [3x4]
Cute labels

Supplies - Where to Get Them
Get your cotton Muslin drawstring bags from Cotton Bag Company [visit]. Jim, the owner, is amazing. The shipping is insanely quick, so if you’re in a hurry, it’s the place to be. They also have a dozen, or so, sizes for various projects. I use them for everything - packing swimwear for my kids “intro to water lessons,” the eco alternative to the traditional “bag lunch,” storing things in my studio, putting together potpourri satchels for drawers and other sneaky places - endless options here!

Get your FREE printable labels for this project HERE
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
If you are shopping around for natural handmade soaps and/or natural handmade solid shampoo, feel free to check out either of my websites:


1. Print out your free labels and cut/get them all prepped.

2. Take your handmade soap and gently slice into .3 ounce pieces. If you’re doing a solid shampoo, feel free to go heartier with a good .5 ounce piece for easy lathering.

3. Place travel soaps/solid shampoo into your lovely bags.

4. Slap on some labels.

That’s it! Travel and gift on!!

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