Easter Fake-ation

I scheduled in a mini pho-vacation over Easter weekend.  I didn't go anywhere, but family came into town, which was awesome! The fam had such a great time. My mom and sis flew in, there first visit to Kansas City, MO. I was sooooooooooo stoked to show them around. I hadn't even been here before the big move and have fallen madly in love with the area.

It was such a blast. We shopped at a ton of centers, ran around at Air Zone, decorated Easter eggs, had an egg hunt, played outside - the weather held up just long enough for us to get in some warm outdoor time. We were running from place to place and before we knew it, our visit was over.

I’m sad. I hate looking around and seeing an empty guest room. Dropping people off at the airport is the worse because you have to drive home all alone in a quiet car. I’m just hoping I laid enough hints that they go ahead and move here [wink wink].

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