[free printable] Cleaning Stinks!

Yeah, yeah…so we all have to do it. Cleaning a home is pretty much a requirement if you want to live clean. It can get overwhelming. Aside from the mondo list of general cleaning duties, we have to keep the inside of cabinets, closets, drawers, the fridge clean and so many other things.

What hubby and I have just recently decided to do, is put together a monthly cleaning list. Everything is separated by the week, so the two of us can knock out the cleaning chores in an hour, together, on the weekend. As soon as the kids go down to nap, we get it done and enjoy the rest of our day. Team work makes the job so much quicker, easier and kind of fun.

It has been such a success I created a free printable for others who want to try clean sharing, or for people who do it themselves, to keep everything organized so everything gets done monthly, but not all in overwhelming loads. So, print away, share…remember this is for personal use only…thank you!

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