Grumpy Cat in my Carpet

I don’t usually hear about hilarious pop culture phenomenon like Grumpy Cat. I don’t have cable, so I’m always missing out. If it isn’t on Netflix, TMZ or HULU, I have no idea.

I was lucky to find out about her from watching TMZ when I was working one afternoon. I’m madly in love with Harvey Levin, who just happened to get peed on by Miss Kitty herself. It was hilarious.

So I’m using the bathroom the other day, very quickly [it was a #1 I swear], when I looked down and totally saw Grumpy Cat in my carpet! I couldn’t stop laughing. It was just as cool as Jesus Toast. I marked the spot with a toilet paper roll and grabbed my camera. I feel so special. I was chosen. 

I figure she must have been finding her way to the bathroom to avoid another accident...

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