Miss Sassy Pants

I was hanging out with my sister, looking through something random, when she said “Of course you like it. It’s fancy.” I laughed about it for days because she’s sooooooooo right. I like fancy looking stuff.

I’m also attracted to bold colors and clean, modern designs. I won’t even know what something is, but if the fanciness of the object catches my eye, I start “ooooing and aaaaaahing.” Then I’m either sold or turned off when I find out what the darn thing is.

I was doing it all week with vintage items at the City Market, pillows and jars at HomeGoods, clothing at Legends, crazy finds on Pinterest, food…

I never noticed that I pretty much do it all day long. I’m not a binge purchaser, over shopper, debt ridden clothing addict or anything like that, but I have a definite type when I’m in the market for something.

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