the Mark of a Good Movie

We pretty much watch a movie a night around here. You can’t leave the house with kids in bed, so when it’s lights out for them, it’s surfing Netflix for us. Over the last three years with the twins, we’ve probably watched 900 movies. Sounds impossible, but I’m pretty sure that’s the right number.

They come and go, but the really good ones stick with me. I think that’s the true mark of a good movie. Whether it was riveting, or not, scary, dramatic or hilarious, if you reflect back on it for days, then the writers, director and actors all did their part putting something out there that evokes thought. I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone shoots for.

Some movies that have been on my mind recently that you may want to consider watching…


Some are new, some are old, some sit between - some of these movies had thrilling, brilliant acting and were a total blast. Some brought in completely new ideas that really made me think. One or two weren’t the best, but they disturbed me in a way that stuck around for days/weeks.

I linked them all to the official trailers. If you’re looking for something really different to watch, check some of these out! If you’re looking for something long term to fill some time, you have to check out the Medium series.

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