A Crazy Visit

I was hanging out, taking care of my kids, when it sounded like someone was walking in my back yard. I saw the rocking chair on the back porch start swaying and almost had a heart attack. I thought I had a ghost or something. I looked outside and this enormous turtle was trying to come in my house!?

I have no idea how he even got into our yard. We have an 8 foot privacy fence that goes all the way to the ground and he was huge. It is pretty baffling. He must have found the only tiny spot under the entire fence to crawl through? So odd.

I wish I could say this was a cute story, but that thing was mean! I use to love turtles. Turns out they are pretty scary. He was trying to bite me and when I picked him up to show the kids, he started wizzing like crazy. Then Parker barfed everywhere. It was a horrible morning, but I’m laughing about it now.

Turtle excitement + stomach flu = not a good time. 

I got rid of that turtle immediately.

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