European Wax Center

We all know we have to do it...

It’s just a fact. Shaving, waxing, lasers, tweezing and many other hair removal tactics, are simply a part of our routines. I was shaving my body bare as early as 13, when the hair first showed up. I immediately didn’t like it. Even though it was soft and light, I was shaving my legs, arms and my kitty cat [you know, my downstairs lady area] every day.

I’m a little less obsessive now. I definitely don’t shave my arms. Looking back, I don’t know why I ever did. I barely have anything there…

I just happened to be looking into waxing again, when I was so lucky to be introduced to the European Wax Center. I’m accustomed to getting full Brazilians at various day spas, but had no idea there was a professional center! This place made all the difference in the world.

The procedure only took about 15-25 minutes. They were quick, but the good kind of quick. Everything was done precise, I felt totally comfortable with the awesome staff and the wax procedure was BY FAR the least painful I have ever had.

The technician told me that they had 21st century wax. She wasn’t kidding. It’s not too hot and you don’t even use strips. I felt so outdated expecting muslin to be flying everywhere. They also have incredible prices. I’m talking half the price of the ritzy spa I use to go to and the process was better. They really are awesome.

They also offer various types of packages. You can buy an unlimited year pass and get all the waxing you want. It’s so awesome. So, if you’re looking into getting some waxing done for summer beauty, look up the European Wax Center. They have over 440 locations. Find one near you!

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