Family Savings - Groceries

Now you’re a family of 3, 4… maybe even 5 or more [you go girl!]? And you still want to cook and eat like the gourmet foodie you are at heart. That’s my life too. There are ways to feed everyone on a budget, and eat like a queen.

My Best Tips…

>>> Having a Second Freezer - you don’t have to get some big, expensive thing. We have an amazing one from Home Depot. It’s this awesome little GE 7.0 cu ft. white freezer that fits right in the corner of our garage, even with both cars parked inside. It was in store for less than $190.

>>> Costco - a membership will only run you $55 for the entire family, for a full year. Costco rocks. For $28 you can pick up 4 enormous ribeye steaks [the best cut!]. The same size and poundage would cost you at least $50 at your regular store. 4 pound bags of enormous scallops for only $30, bulk frozen meals, bottles of real champagne from Champagne, France and more...

>>> Divide, Divide, Divide - when you get home, split everything up to be frozen in regular eating increments. Freeze 2 steaks together, a pound of scallops, freeze whole chickens individually, etc… pull them out a couple days before use to defrost and whip up a gourmet meal.

>>> Catch Sales - when you see items go on sale at any supermarket, stock up. Constantly fill your freezer and cabinets with goodies.

There you go, my favorite tips. There are a trillion more to rake in the savings, but these are the top 4 I live by. If you shop like a pro, you can eat like royalty every day.
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