Fun Lies and Lots of No’s

The kids have been going through some pretty wild stages lately. Besides there undying obsession with milk [they go through a gallon every 2 days], there have been lots of lies and lots of no’s.

The lies are hilarious. It’s all about little things. I’ll pick out a shirt and Eli will ask if it’s red, and I say “Good job! Yes, that’s a red shirt.” Then I get “No, no, no…green.” Then we argue back and forth, all while Eli is laughing and smiling about it.

It never ends, it’s about everything. He’ll lie and tell me he only peed, I find poop - he tells me his wiener is his butt - that dogs are cats - that he found a bug, when it’s just a piece of lint/carpet/leaf… he cracks me up all day long.

Eli also wants everything of Parker’s. Parker will pick out a Sponge Bob shirt and Eli will cry and cry for it. Parker gets so aggravated listening to his fit, I’ll catch him trying to give everything to Eli to shut him up. Of course the kind gesture always comes with a nice smack on the head, just so Eli knows he didn’t want to give it to him. Hilarious.

Parker is obsessed with Sponge Bob and Mickey Mouse. I desperately need to stock up on everything I can find with them on it. We’ve been having nightly fits when the two pairs of jams he does have with Mickey and Bob are dirty. He pretty much talks about the two of them all day. Everything is “Bonge Bob” and “MeeHee.” His little baby speech is so cute.

I’m looking forward to what comes next!

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