I Feel Really Bad for Kim K.

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I’m not the type to obsess over celebrity gossip, but I do watch TMZ and laugh myself to death the entire time. Because I love the show so much, I accidently keep caught up on everything LA. It’s the witty way they put together there jokes, with awesome movie clips. It’s probably pretty obvious I’m a HUGE fan.

Every single week, multiple times a week, they have clips dogging Kim Kardashian and her pregnancy. I’ll be the first to admit, I laughed quite bit at the beginning. It was nothing personal against her, because she seems pretty nice. It was just sort of satisfying to see her being a real person. Not every avenue in life takes us down the road of perfection and awesomeness.

So here is a fact of life - most stunningly curvy women, get big when they are pregnant. We weren’t models before, so we’re not going to look like models during. That’s just the way it is. In fact, the majority of us get served the “Wendy” dish from What to Expect When You’re Expecting, even if we are model material BB [before baby]. We’re baking people, people! Give us a break…

I wanted to put it out there, for all my miserably pregnant ladies, just take it easy. Relax, dress comfortable, don’t worry about trying so hard. Don’t think about how it used to be, don’t judge your body. A couple months after the baby comes, you can worry about those sorts of things. I had twins 3 years ago. I was full of babies and I came back without even trying. It will be okay.

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