i like to drive fast & free

No, I’m not one of those jerks speeding all over the place, riding too close and swerving from lane to lane without turn signals. I am the most courteous, cautious, defensive driver you’ll ever meet.

But I do like to cruise…

I love it when the highway is open, I can set my cruise control for 70, listen to loud music and watch everything roll by. I’ve always loved it.

Driving in Virginia, there was this crazy winding road I use to love to take whenever I got the chance. It was one of those roads with a ridiculous reputation. I remember as early as middle school, people claiming they smoked pot under the graffiti overpass and someone was possessed by demons. Majorly laughable now, but hey…we were 11.

By the time I was old enough to drive, it was so obviously not haunted. But the drive was cool. Nothing but twists in the road, barely even room for a single car, much less passing traffic, a few miles long, then you hit “Hells Gate.” That’s what they called the overpass. I miss that drive…

FUNNY NOTE: The road is a famous urban legend - Crawford Road in Yorktown, VA. Google it.  The stories are kinda funny. I've been there all day and night and never seen anything strange, except people's imagination getting away with them. They are entertaining though!  

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