Small Garden Update

I had just put all of my very strong, house sprouted and grown plants, out in my little garden plot about 2 weeks ago WHEN…

We were hit with a freak snowstorm! I have never had snow in May. It was so unexpected. I didn’t look outside for 3 days because I was too scared to see what happened to our fruit and vegetables. I finally stepped out today and, well…it’s not so bad. I was really surprised.

Our tomatoes are still kicking and we have a ripe strawberry. It looks like all of those plants survived. I’m not so sure about the grape vine though. The leaves are brown. The stem and vine look okay. I’m hoping the shock of cold weather made the plant shed its leaves to put its energy and food into surviving at the core. We’ll see over the next few weeks when the little guy either perks up, or turns brown and withers away.

The basil is smoke. That poor thing, I’m afraid, is not going to make it. I’ll have to start all over again with my herbs, but that’s okay. Herbs are easy.

I hope everyone out there is having a successful growing season!

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