Sometimes I Feel Like I Live with…

Poltergeists! >>>

So, my kids have mild PDD Autism. I’ve mentioned it once or twice before. Our life revolves around it, but I don’t often mention it because it doesn’t define our family. We’re a lot of things: fun, daring, adventurous, loving, happy. And we have a lot of hobbies. We work really hard on the issue, but we focus on living a fun and happy life together.

One of the more exciting traits that the kids have, is stacking. I find it cute and really endearing. I can’t tell you how cool it is to have kids that organize their toys. They’ll line up all of their trucks from biggest to smallest, in a clean line. It looks good. Some afternoons I don’t even have to pick up.

On occasion, they do freak me out though. Sometimes I’ll walk into a room in the house, and everything will be stacked and reorganized in the wildest ways. Without seeing the kids do it, it will take me by surprise. The guest room is the one that always gets me. They organize the books, flowers and vases, and our military tin décor, in the exact same way, every day. It’s like a scene right out of Dark Skies.

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