Twin Pregnancy… continued!

I’ve been reflecting back on my pregnancy [pregnancies] a lot over the past few months. I’m not sure if it’s knowing my sister is getting close to perfect baby age, the flow of movies on my Netflix, or the kid’s upcoming 3rd birthday, but pretty much every day has been a pregnancy thought day.

I have some very vivid moments that have stuck with me like glue, and others that are fuzzy, but pop into mind from time to time.

What’s been popping into mind lately…

The Moment I found out I was having Twins: I remember having some issues before my first ever ultrasound, and thinking I was having problems. The tech was so quiet and looked really concerned. I was trying to keep calm and mentally prepare myself for bad news. Then, she told me we were having two babies. I remember feeling hot all over and immediately getting pins and needles in my feet and legs. Panic attack maybe? Good thing I was already laying down. I had tears streaming down my face, but no noise and was laughing hysterically. It took a few days to process that one.

Drinking Ensure: We found out Baby A [aka Parker] had IUGR. My doctor recommended drinking Ensure shakes every single day throughout the duration of my pregnancy. The baby was under 5% weight percentile. Ensure helped me gain the extra weight I needed. We were so lucky and thankful. Parker didn’t even have an extended hospital stay. We all got to go home together. I drank so many Ensure shakes, for so long, I was actually dreaming about them. They were really good… I might have to pick some up on my next grocery run… my absolute fave was chocolate.

Cherry Pie: I ate so much cherry pie! It was definitely my top craving. Between hubby and I [who also had pregnancy cravings], we could eat an entire cherry pie every other day.

B-Day: The actual day the kids were born was so hilarious. I was overdue and about to be induced. When we were in the hospital waiting to start artificial labor, my water broke and real labor set in. It was quick and painful. The nurse wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom in private because she thought I was going to be one of those toilet baby moms. I know the difference between the feeling of a bathroom break and a 5 pound baby flying out of me, thank you!

So… to celebrate the kids 3rd birthday, we have some company coming into town. I have a really special cake I’m planning to whip up myself [and DIY share] and a lot of weeklong festivities planned. I love my kids so much. They are so happy, beautiful and healthy. One more week and we get to celebrate their special day! I’m so excited!!

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