We’re in the Top 25!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, OpenTable released its rankings of the top 25 mom-friendly dining cities in the U.S. I was super excited to find out that my city [Kansas City, MO] is ranked in the top 25.

When we first moved to Missouri a few years ago, I was lost. I had no idea where to eat, what was around. I had never been here in my life, before braving it all, packing up and deciding to live here. The first time I set eyes on the city was following our moving truck. OpenTable seriously saved me. I’m a busy mom, I’m a foodie… I needed to know where to eat.

“Whether it’s a meal with the kids in tow, a romantic dinner with a spouse, or a night out with the girls, each of these cities has a diverse dining scene to satisfy mom’s appetite for food and fun,” said Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer of OpenTable. “And, it’s very clear from the number of folks dining out locally on Mother’s Day that area restaurants have mastered the art of pampering mothers and pleasing their palates.”

So where does your city fall…

Top 25 Mom-friendly Cities for Dining in the U.S.

  1 >>> Long Beach, California
  2 >>> Tampa, Florida
  3 >>> Boulder, Colorado
  4 >>> Dallas, Texas
  5 >>> Austin, Texas
  6 >>> Columbus, Ohio
  7 >>> Raleigh, North Carolina
  8 >>> Houston, Texas
  9 >>> Charlotte, North Carolina
10 >>> Las Vegas, Nevada
11 >>> Scottsdale, Arizona
12 >>> San Diego, California
13 >>> Brooklyn, New York
14 >>> Atlanta, Georgia
15 >>> Honolulu, Hawaii
16 >>> Kansas City, Missouri
17 >>> Santa Monica, California
18 >>> Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
19 >>> Orlando, Florida
20 >>> Denver, Colorado
21 >>> Seattle, Washington
22 >>> Cincinnati, Ohio
23 >>> Baltimore, Maryland
24 >>> Minneapolis, Minnesota
25 >>> Los Angeles, California

View the complete list [HERE] and don’t forget to check out the top 100 brunch spots [HERE]. 

Seriously, if you’re ever looking for a new place [especially for Mother's Day this Sunday... ***hint, hint***], want to pre-check the reviews, price range, cuisine type, dress, etc… check out OpenTable. You can even check for seating and make reservations. Very, very cool…

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