What’s with the Spring Stomach Bug???

Before having kids, I don’t remember ever having a stomach flu. I can only think of a few times I’ve ralphed in the past and they all involved heavy drinking, or some type of surgery.

Since having kids, we’ve had the stomach flu every single year, sometimes even more than once. Kids really do catch everything and bring it home.

This one hit sudden, like usual. I had it pretty bad, Eli started showing symptoms, my husband’s stomach has been killing him for days and now Parker is getting the worse of it. I always feel so bad for the kids. They don’t understand and they can only have sips of water while trying to get it under control.

I have a trillion loads of laundry washing and drying all hours of the day and night. The kids have had multiple baths every single day. I can’t wait for this one to be over so we can enjoy spring finally setting in. First great week and we’re stuck inside lethargic and dehydrating. What a year.

P.S. Today is there 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Boys!

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