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Fruits and vegetables are a really important part of, well… life in general. Not dieting, not fads, but are crucial to a person’s general health and well-being. They can singlehandedly reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. They provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. They can also help to reduce fat storage.

Consuming fruits and vegetables regularly, also helps with cravings. When your body is nutritionally balanced, you don’t have weird food urges, which can go a long way to help with regular eating. You’ll find that over time you’ll have reduced cravings for dairy, carbs and sugary snacks, without even trying. You’ll just noticed you haven’t wanted cookies in a while.

This is an area I tend to slack in. Every night for dinner, I always serve with a half cup of cooked veggies, or a huge salad. That is not enough. A woman my age should be consuming 7-10 servings of fruit/veggies a day.

I recently undertook a new vow to myself that has been going swimmingly. Because I have so much trouble fitting in veggies [I really hate them cooked] and eating fruit [never cared to eat it regularly], I am now drinking a big glass of V8 every day + a smoothie. I love them both, so it’s an easy task.

With the simple addition of 2 awesome drinks worked anywhere into my day that I want it, I’ve already increased my fruit/veg servings by 4-6, maybe even a little more deepening on my recipe, per day. That’s a huge difference, and it makes me happy to do something as simple as drink for health.

If you want to get on board with the fruit & veggie challenge, I recommend two products, and these are completely my own opinion. They are one that I’ve loved since I was a kid, and a second that I discovered about a month ago.

Low Sodium V8 or Low Sodium Spicy V8 [I love them both] and the new pre portioned frozen smoothie fruit from your grocery freezer section. Any brand. They have everything in a bag to make a fresh smoothies for less than $1.50 a piece. You can make 1 enormous smoothie, or 2 perfectly sized smoothies for you and a friend. 

Get Your Health On!

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