i drank the kool-aid

I don’t know how it happened. We moved to Missouri 2 years ago, or so. The girls around here are really into cowgirl boots. The real kind. They are absolutely authentic in style, cut and fabric. It’s not like the poser John Deere pink hats that were flying around in Virginia. I absolutely believe you could go out for a night on the town in them, or ride horses and roll bales of hay, or whatever supposed cowgirls do.

When we moved here, I saw women of all ages strutting around in them. Boho dresses are a really popular style with the boots. The first month, I told Jaime to punch me if I ever started wearing them because they looked strange to me. Where I came from, you pretty much got a mish mosh of outdated club styles and a lot of old people wearing jr. style crud. Those types of boots didn’t show up anywhere.

Two years later… I bought my first pair. It was sudden and unexpected. I tried on a dress I loved and my first thought was “wow.” “These would look amazing with some cowgirl boots.” I strolled over to the shoe department and true to the mid-west, there were a lot of options. Just above the ankle, mid-calf, knee-high. I was so out of my comfort zone that I didn’t even ask for help, I just tried on the display shoes. They looked so perfect with the outfit. I waltzed up to the counter and said “take these.” Clint Eastwood would have been proud.

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