natural skincare with Dr. Owusu

I love to try various brands of natural body care products. To some, it seems a little strange because as most know, I own a brand. It’s simple really, I like to see what’s new, hot, happening - check out new blends, trends. You don’t get that sitting in your own little bubble. I also don’t make everything. There are so many truly unique products out there. If I don’t produce it, I want to get my hands on it.
Recently, I decided to dive in and give one of those truly unique products a try, the Dr. Owusu skin care line. I am so glad I did. I was really impressed with the packaging, the products, the scents, the feel, the look of each individual product… everything. What a fantastic brand.

I gave 3 products a try

  • the Lavender Vanilla Glory Hydrating Shea Butter Crème
  • the Detoxifying Facial Mask
  • and the Sangria Shea Soap Bar

Lavender Vanilla Glory Hydrating Shea Butter Crème
LOVE this scent blend. I had no idea I was into Lavender Vanilla. It’s deep and earthy, but also smooth and sweet. It’s very whipped, goes on smooth and non-greasy.
I have a few problem areas that tend to get really dry. I always use a thick crème for body care. Especially if you have any type of eczema or chronic dry skin issues, this is a fantastic choice. Not to mention, you will smell amazing for hours. I highly suggest using before a night out.

Detoxifying Facial Mask
This was a fantastic product that was easy to use. I have a small case of adult rosacea on my cheeks. It typically looks like I have a nice, youthful glow… but I don’t. It has really been bothering me lately. After just one use with this mask, it actually dulled down the redness. Now I do just have a youthful glow, instead of looking like my face is a little sunburnt.

Sangria Shea Soap Bar
My mother in law actually gave this a whirl while she was in town. She reported back lots of bubbles and foam after the first couple uses, great cleansing, rinsed clean. We were both smelling it before it hit the shower. The sangria was a fantastic scent. They have a few great blends. Especially for summer smooth skin, I have my eye on a few of the exfoliating shea butter soaps, even the one for men. Hubby loves a scrubby soap.

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