The Most Depressing Post, ever

Maybe not ever, but it’s depressing to me.  A couple weeks ago I wrote about the bird that set up home on our back porch overnight. I let her stay because she was super sweet. The kids and I were use to her, she was happy and comfortable with us. She’d prep her beautiful little nest, play around in the yard, eat nasty critters out of our grass. It was really nice.
I was sitting in the media room, when I heard a huge crash in the window. It was a bird. I was horrified. It scared the kids to pieces. I tried to keep myself together and the kids out of the window as I peered down to see what was going on. It was absolutely shocking. I don’t want to throw the ghastly details at everyone, so let’s just say it was so horrific, it’s all I could see when I shut my eyes for days.
First thing, I put up window stickers so that this never happens again. Then, I had a feeling it was our little bird friend, and I knew in my bones that her nest had eggs. I had never encroached on her territory and peeked, it was just a feeling. 

I waited all day for her to come back, just hoping. Then I waited all night for the father bird to come and tend to the eggs. No one came. Making me feel even worse, the dad was shuffling around with worms looking for his mate. I’ve been watching him all hours of the week looking lost and searching around.
So, the next day, I finally peered in hoping to find nothing. We have 4 beautiful little pastel blue eggs.  From what I know, with them being left to chill overnight, I don't think they will ever hatch. I feel awful. My younger self would punch me for not going out the second the incident happened, incubating the eggs and raising 4 darling birds for the years to come.
This is such a tough area.  You don't want to kidnap eggs, just in case, but you leave them too long and they are goners.  Spring is a really common time to find abandoned eggs.  In case this happens to anyone else out there, this is a great resources for egg care...
  • General instruction + using an incubator {HERE}

BTW - beeeeeeeeeee aware that snakes and spiders [yes, some types of spiders] also have eggs.  If you find a pliable egg, soft or leathery at all, LEAVE IT ALONE!  You will absolutely freak if you hatch a thousand little spiders, or a snake. 

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