Tiesta Tea!

I am a tea fanatic. I love all kinds… energizing, relaxing, immunity support, hot, iced. There is no time or day of the year, that isn’t perfectly fitting for tea. I was lucky enough to be introduced to a brand, new to me. Tiesta Tea. There blends are phenomenal.
So far, I’ve tried the Kiwi Cherry Bonanza, Blueberry Wild Child and the Palm Beach Punch. All three blends were so amazing. I’ve had them all hot and iced. They are stunning either way.

Kiwi Cherry Bonanza was really smooth, mellow and the fruit notes were incredible. Blueberry Wild Child, completely addicting. It was so good, I drank 3 cups in the span of a single morning. Palm Beach Punch, super fruity, super fragrant. My entire cabinet smells like summer.

I also had to add that over the past weekend, the Kiwi Cherry Bonanza [immune support] completely saved me. I came down with a wicked cold and was out of my usual Echinacea. I drank a few cups a day and kicked it by weekends end, just in time for my anniversary dinner.  Thank goodness because I couldn't taste or smell.     

These tea blends go beyond just normal day to day personal tea treats, they also make stunning gifts. The tins are absolutely gorgeous. Sending a couple of them to a friend for a birthday, caffeine free to someone with a new baby, immunity support for a sweet winter gift… this is guaranteed to bring you lots of thanks and show lots of love.

Tiesta Tea was so kind, they included a discount code for anyone who wants to stock up, give a few blends a try, or hey! Send a nice gift...

The code:

The code is for 15% off + FREE SHIPPING! You just can't beat that!

Buy, Share, Enjoy!!

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