5 Romantic Summer Vacation Destinations

It's summer time, and for many of us that means it's time to look for a few interesting vacation destinations. Personally, I like to do something new each year so that vacations don't get stale, but we all have different preferences. Some people travel for tranquility, some for family attractions, some on a budget, some for luxury, etc. This summer, I'm focusing my efforts on finding a perfect new destination for a romantic getaway. But in the meantime, here are 5 you might want to look into for your own U.S. romance destinations!

1. Wine Country

It seems like every year we're hearing about some new, exciting wine destination in the United States, but for my money nothing beats California wine country for a romantic vacation - if, that is, you and your special someone are wine lovers. Napa Valley is a popular choice, but check out Monterey County as well. Nothing beats summer afternoons sipping world class wine with someone you love, and the luxury accommodations and fine dining options round out the trip.

2. Hawaiian Beach Resort

Most couples love to hit the beach together, but there's "the beach" and there's "Hawaii." Sure, it's a bit touristy in certain spots, but nothing quite beats a romantic Hawaiian resort for a honeymoon vibe. Check out the Four Seasons at Kona for one of the best blends of modern luxury and old Hawaiian tranquility. It's a relaxing and deeply romantic experience.

3. Las Vegas

A lot of people think of Las Vegas as one giant party that might be best for singles, but you can actually design an incredibly romantic getaway in Sin City. Look into one of the newer resorts, like the ARIA, if you're more interested in luxury and comfort than glitz and casinos. At ARIA you'll find everything from famed "cloud-like" beds, to fine dining, poolside cabanas, and of course, every spa treatment you could imagine. If you're into the pampering side of romantic vacations, Vegas can certainly provide.

4. Remote Beach House

Hawaii certainly stands above the average "tourist" beach, where there will be crowds of loud families and friends. However, some couples also like the idea of a more remote beach house. Certainly, renting a home together for a few days to simply soak up each other's company in a relaxing setting can be very appealing. For this sort of tranquil, personal getaway, look into locations like North Carolina's Outer Banks, or some of the northern Floridian beaches (the masses flock to South Beach and Ft. Lauderdale!).

5. New England Boat Trips

Finally, if you're looking for something a bit more adventurous or unique, look into New England's summer boat tours and trips. From booking time on a luxurious yacht, to renting sail boats, and even riding catamarans to island retreats, New England offers a range of beautiful summer vacation options perfect for couples.

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