Dealing with Sensory Issues

It’s been a loooooooong time since I’ve mentioned my twin boys and there mild sensory and development issues. I try not to dwell on them because not all of their stages are permanent problems. Each old and new issue is just something we have to work very, very, very hard to overcome… [sometimes for a very, very, very long time] …and eventually, everything works out.

I am SO happy to finally be reporting that our kids are starting to chew! Yes, they are 3 years old and haven’t chewed a single food in their entire lives. This is something that just happens. Kids can have other accompanying disorders, they can be completely normal - and it just happens.

I’ve connected with other parents who have had similar issues. We’ve shared and swapped stories >>> 3 year old not chewing, 2 year old doing the same + not walking, two children at different ages with eating problems at 4 and 2, then us… 3 year old twins, no chewing.

All of us have had the pleasure of grinding foods all day, every day, and working very closely with feeding therapists. We have to carry out therapy at home, all day, every day. It’s a never ending, tedious process, but I’m here to say - it does get better. One day it will just happen, when your child is ready. Until then, it’s all about working with our kids, keeping our heads up and staying positive while we wait.

Next on the feeding therapy schedule >>> chewing more towards the back teeth, integrating in more textures and real time foods. If I could just hand my kids one normal food, any food in the world - I wouldn’t care if it was just fries - to eat while we were out of the house, life would be pretty perfect.


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