Killer Yard Work

Over the weekend we tackled a massive amount of yard work.  It may be the most I've ever done in my life, definitely the most in a two day spread. First, our sunflowers are looking awesome.  They are as tall as the kids.  We let three stay and scrapped the rest because, well... I don't need 500 sunflowers. 

Our tomatoes are doing famously...

Actual work, we hauled tons of stone and mulch...

... to finally border in our trees.  We planted apple trees at the end of last year, which are already making fruit.  We also planted one of those popular trees with the white flowers that burst into bloom early spring.  We saw them all over the neighborhood early this year and decided we liked them too.


We put in garden edging to separate and designate an actual nice looking area for the rock around the back of our home.

And my surprising favorite, created a rock garden!  I'm really stoked about it.  So far we've put out all of our weed blocking tarp and decorative rock.  We're going to add some large boulders and maybe a couple of little night lights.  I'm considering painting some Day of the Dead décor on them, get them to look a little vintage.  A great DIY project. 

And finally did some extra sprucing up around our flower beds.  The Tiger Lilies are coming in really nice. Hopefully we don't have to do anything else this year.  I don't think my poor back could take any more heavy lifting. 

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