New Habits

Kids are wild! They will up and decide to take on the craziest new habits. It can happen any time of day, any day of the week. A few are funny, some drive me completely mad. You really never know what you’re going to wake up to. 
Newer developments in our home: >>> The kids will not nap at nap time anymore. Seriously. It’s killing me. They’ve been on the same schedule for years. They go down for naps at 1:00pm and nap until they are refreshed and ready to get up. They just turned 3. I thought nap time lasted until 4 or 5!? They refuse to sleep. They jump, play and have a ball in bed, then the second I take them out, they drop out in random places… the floor, the couch, standing and leaning against the computer chair.

>>> It’s all about the cereal. They are obsessed. They want it all day and all night. I can feed them a HUGE meal, and they still want to be topped off with a bowl full of Cheerios, Captain Crunch, Pops and Fruit Loops. Yes, all at once in one bowl.

>>> They do not like outdoor water toys. It’s the craziest thing. Last year, they loved it when we sprayed them with the hose on hot summer days. Now they won’t even come around if we turn it on. They hate the slip-and-slide, the giant ball that squirts water, the hose. They even stopped playing in there water toy that looks like a bird bath.

>>> Parker hates pools, Eli is starting to like them. The first 2 summers, the kid’s loooooooved pools. Loved swimming with mom and dad. The 3rd summer, you would have thought we were trying to kill them. They screamed bloody murder so long, we gave up out of pure embarrassment and went home. This summer, Parker gets SO upset, Eli is letting go a bit. As long as I hold Parker the entire time we’re at the water park, he won’t go buzzerk. It’s hours of me holding him and him telling me “no” every time we move.

>>> They thrive on messes. I swear, every single time I clean something up, I turn around and they are tearing something apart. The other day I cleaned the freezer, turned around and they had gotten into the baby powder AGAIN. It was everywhere! They put paper in my glass of water, tear up shreds of paper on the floor, pull anything apart that will come apart. It’s complete mayhem. Most of my cleaning day consists of picking up tiny broken and torn things.

Something Eli Said to Me: The other day Parker and Eli were jumping on the bed. As it always happens, Parker goes flying off and starts crying, runs to me immediately. Eli comes in to tell me the story of what happened… “Parker fall. Bad. Sucks.”


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