The Tattoo Experiment

Jaime and I locked eyes on an assortment of temporary tattoos during the week. We immediately looked at each other and got super excited. We thought for sure the kids would love them! We picked out a pack and let them hold on while we finished up our little shopping trip. The plan was to apply after dinner and baths to get the most wear.

As planned, dinner and baths passed and we gleefully let the boys pick out one a piece, to start, that they liked. When we started applying, they FREAKED out! I mean like nobody’s business freaking out. You would have thought they were getting real ink done. 

It’s been 2 days. Eli checks his out every now and again, especially if any ladies are around, and Parker refused to look at his. If I try and lift the arm of his shirt, he pretty much curses me out with a flutter of “no’s.” You really never know when it comes to kids.


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