5 Ways to Make Smaller Rooms Appear Larger

Most all of us have one - that ridiculously tiny room that makes you wonder what the architect was thinking when they designed the space. Whether it be your laundry room, kid’s room, guest bedroom, dining room…

…or maybe you have a stunning one bedroom apartment that costs an arm and a leg in the city, and are simply looking for a way to create more space visually. The following are 5 simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your space, and avoid making it appear even smaller.

1 >>> Painting with lighter colors. Darker hues can be soothing and create a relaxed, luxury feel, but you really want to avoid splashing on the dark coats in those smaller spaces. 

There are so many colors available on the market.  You can still stick to the hottest color trends for the season, and create warmth, using light tones. Instead of jumping to a Monaco Blue, shoot for Dusk Blue, replace Emerald with Tender Shoots or Linden Green for a warmer fall shade, or try a stunning kick of Nectarine or Koi…

2 >>> Mirrors. This is such an awesome way to instantly create space. Lucky for us, vintage is back in style. You can literally go for wall to wall mirrors, especially if you are going for urban chic or retro.

3 >>> Avoid clutter. This is one of the most important rules, if not the most important. You’re going to want to go slim, smaller, light colors and chic on all the décor in your smaller room. Keep it clean. Go modern and simplistic. Create a nice focal point in one area of the room, then leave the rest of the walls bare. Instead of piling on the paintings and photos, create visual interest with monochromatic painting or simple accent walls.

4 >>> Purchase multi-purpose pieces. If your small room is a space that you’ll be using often, you’re going to want to find as many 2 in 1, 3 in 1, and so on, pieces you can get your hands on. A coffee table that also opens for hidden storage, a desk that folds out into a bed, couches with hidden storage, desks with extra storage… so you can keep that area as clutter free as possible.

5 >>> Work with light. Natural light can really enhance the size of a space. Opening up windows, and using minimal, chic window treatments can immediately make a space feel light, airy and spacious. Go for lighter, sheer coverings. Keep them open to let in the light. If natural light isn’t possible, consider some unique lighting enhancements such as track lighting, ball string lights, hanging mason jar lights, or orb hanging chandeliers.
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