a day of henna

I love henna. I hadn’t played with it in over 10 years. Back in the day I use to pick up the powder and DIY from an awesome little shop in Yorktown. Now they have these cool pens that are 100% natural henna. It’s so easy to work with. We found our little kit at Barnes and Noble and thought it would be fun to play with the kids.

At first they were slightly resistant because we always say “no” when they try and write on themselves with markers. After the first design was placed, they were begging to be written on, pretty much every visible part of their body.

Jaime was trying to go all pro and use the stencils. The kids were wanting to be colored over and over, so I started to freehand. It was so much fun. I definitely suggest picking up a kit for an awesome indoor day of entertainment. It’s cheap, easy and creates lots of smiles!

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