Appreciating Tiny Homes

I have been obsessed, for some time, with tiny homes. I’m talking all different designs, locations and types. Everything from tiny luxury living, to simple and clean, to almost cabin getaway type homes. The thought of unloading everything… the big bills, electrical needs, all the status hoodoo. It’s an exhilarating little daydream.
It’s also such a green way to live. You really would massively reduce your carbon footprint. You’d have only what you need. Little sleeping quarters, perfectly sized bathrooms. The need for heat and AC would be minimal. They must be so easy to cool and heat quickly, especially if you want to pop the windows open on a crisp spring or fall day.
In my home, even with all the windows wide open, the interior still sits at around 4 degrees hotter than outside. If it’s above 68 outside, the opportunity to leave the windows open dwindles. You’d really be able to take advantage of those cool weather seasons, pocketing even more on your electric bill.
I can’t even imagine how quick cleaning must be. I’m use to such a large space. It takes what feels like a million years, just to vacuum. I imagine it’s as simple as a wipe, wipe, dust and you’re done. I would love to never clean big again.
The only thing that turns me off to the thought of small living, actually diving in and going for it, is living closely. I don’t mind having my husband and kids on top of me 24/7. Not at all actually. But when the boys get bigger, they won’t have any privacy. All teenage boys crave space, lots and lots of space, especially from their mothers. I’m wondering if the close quarters would cause stale feelings.
Then there is the last little issue of company. What do you do when company is in town? Everyone has to stay in a hotel? Now that I may be able to live with. I do, after all, love my own private space year round, no matter how small.
So what about you? Do you think you have what it takes to live small?
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