Free Printable Photography

I love taking photos, editing, printing and putting together stunning projects for my home decor. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite cloud pics for you to print out and use in your home! Just remember, this is for personal use only…

Such a beautiful, clear, mid-west summer day. This is the perfect touch for a nursery, bedroom, living room… anywhere you are looking to add brightness and cheer, the perfect open window.

You have so many options for using this photo. You can cut and crop, frame in a circle, you can go black frame, white frame, hang from clothes pins or various office clips for a cool, raw studio look… you can even mod podge this on a canvas for a striking artsy look.

>>> To mod podge, print out your photo in the highest quality on matte photo paper. Trim it to fit your canvas perfectly. Give your canvas a light sanding with sandpaper. Coat your canvas with mod podge. Carefully place on your perfectly sized photo and rub evenly to make sure everything is adhered. Any areas that aren’t sticking well, lift and add a touch more mod podge. After an hour, cover the entire photo with mod podge. Let it dry and keep going over in as many coats as you need, letting them dry in between. I usually do about 10 coats. Let it dry completely and hang!

you can open & right click pic old school style to save and print -or- download it here for full resolution and sizing variations!
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