Fun with Food

I’m a foodie. It’s probably pretty obvious from the massive amount of recipes on this site. Most days I create new recipes, sometimes as many as a dozen in a week. I like all cooking methods, all ethnicities… I even watch cooking shows and play foodie games with my husband.

One of my favorite things to do, is quiz my husband when I find food that looks like something else. I’ll sit on the computer forever, searching through recipes and pics, and every so often turn and ask what he thinks recipes are, that tricked me.

So you think you know your food? Below is a super simple test, I’d say beginner… just for starters to get you warmed up.

How to Play
Grab a pen and paper. Compare the food photos to the accompanying ingredients and names. Write down what you think goes with what. An example = 5C. That would be my guess of food type #5 with recipe pic C.

When you’re done, click on the answer key at the bottom of this post to enlarge it [yes, it's that little, tiny black dot right under all the arrows pointing to it... click that for the answers]. Then you can check your work. This may make you hungry…

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