Getting Rid of Stress

So you took the Holmes and Rahe Stress test here, and are amped. WAY over amped. Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated. You’ve noticed your moods are all over the place, you’re going from on top of the world to super depressed. Don’t worry, you aren’t losing your mind just yet. Your body is simply having trouble coping with the demands of your busy life.

As I’ve mentioned before, too much stress is dangerous. Stress is a silent killer. Most people don’t know that almost half of a normal adults physical illnesses are directly related to stress. It can cause simple problems from headaches and skin issues, to serious offenders like asthma, heart problems and high blood pressure.

So the question is, how to decompress. How to help your body cope with the stressful every day activities you can’t unload...

There are a handful of solutions, but My Absolute #1 Go To >>> is meditation. You don’t have to join a cult to do this. Meditation is the super simple task of quieting the mind. To rid yourself of thoughts, your long “to do” lists, the calendar of bills to pay and enter a state of calm relaxation. When properly done, meditation actually lowers your heart rate and decreases muscle tension.

To meditate, pick a quiet spot to start. Or if you think you have it in you, do it anywhere. Training yourself to block out the noise around you will help you to block out the noise you encounter all day, every day in life. Sit in a cross legged position with your hands resting on your knees, or you can lay on the floor, flat on your back, with your legs down, your arms by your side resting on the ground and with the palms up.

Close your eyes. Mentally inspect every part of your face and body, relaxing each one as you think of it and move on. Relax your eyes, relax your mouth, relax your forehead, relax your shoulders, your arms… and so on until you are nice and loose from head to toe. Focus on your breath. Slow breath in, hold a second or two, slow breath out.

Keep your mind empty of thought. Focus on the sound and movement of your breath to help achieve this clear state. Thoughts will rise. They always do, for all of us. As they come, don’t fight them, just let them go. Try sitting or lying in quiet mediation for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day. That’s it! Really simple…

Every single day take a small morning and afternoon break to meditate. As you begin to decompress in life, rid yourself of chattery thought and stress and enjoy the process of meditation, you can increase the time you put in. Happy meditation, happy mind, happy life…
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