Photography Mania

I have been completely obsessed with photography for about 3 years now. It all started when I had to become self-taught to improve the Milk and Honey Naturals small item photography. Before that point, I appreciated a nice photo, sometimes. It really had to catch my eye and I was rarely looking for it, so it wasn’t a normal occurrence.

Now I have these little obsessions and a complete respect for the skill it takes to create a stunning photo. I look at photos all day, all over the internet. I pin them. I even have a photography board, where I collect my faves so I can stare at them any time I want. I’ve noticed, especially from my pinning passion, that there are photos of certain things I can’t get enough of. 

Some of my obsessions are food, vintage, Paris… all things Paris. It can be a café, flower shop, cheese shop… I’m madly in love with Paris. Carnivals, the beach, bikes, toy cars, beautiful hair, macaroons, cupcakes, birds hanging out in groups on wires [I know! Crazy right!?]. I love it all.

So what about you? Do you love looking at rich food photos? Cute animals? Landscapes and nature?

Don’t forget to check out the artists and foodies from above. All of them own and operate their own stunning online sites. You can catch them in the links below…

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