Strawberry & Rose Foaming Bath Butter Recipe

Making your own bath and body products is an awesome hobby. It really gives you control over each and every ingredient. There is such a huge variety of natural colorants, essential oils, fragrances, butters and rich additives available on the market. You can go as natural and simple, or as luxurious and playful as you want. The creative possibilities are endless.

Foaming bath butter is really cool. It’s super easy, creamy and totally indulgent. You really can't mess this one up. For this particular recipe, I used rose essential oil, which is perfect for anyone feeling sluggish or suffering from oily skin. Rose essential oil can also relieve symptoms of eczema and can help treat burns and repel insects, making this the perfect bath time treat for summer.

This is an easy recipe to customize, so don't be afraid to change the fragrances, essential oils or colors of your soap. For example, if you want to gear more towards 100% natural, replace the strawberry fragrance with grapefruit essential oil, bergamot, ylang ylang or basil. For a natural colorant, try crushed almond shell or crushed peach stone. Both will add awesome natural exfoliating properties. Play around! Have fun...

>>> To start, your going to melt the butter base. Melt the base gently by heating over hot water around approximately 140 degrees, in a double boiler.

>>> After the base is completely melted, add the rose geranium essential oil and strawberry fragrance oil. Stir in gently so that the oils are mixed in evenly.

>>> Next, add a dash of the purple soap dye colorant. I was going for a light pink-purple shade, but if you wish to make the color a little deeper feel free to add more.

>>> Finally, pour your foaming bath butter into your containers of choice. Then just cool, cap, label and decorate!
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