The Psychology of Color in the Home

Each year, trendspotters wait with baited breath for Pantone to release their yearly color trends, but should we really allow these trends to dictate the look and feel of our homes?

For some time we’ve understood the psychology of color. How it can have a dramatic effect on our moods. I remember first reading about the psychology of color in business. They had clever tips about wearing blue and creamy orange to promote a calm, clever atmosphere and avoiding reds and bright yellows. It was really enlightening.

The same techniques can be applied to the home to create the type of feel we want to project. Choosing colors for the household can be one of the most important aspects to the design, both visually and emotionally, with certain colors even offering mood altering benefits. From raising energy levels and sparking creativity, to infusing serenity and peace, color choices are a crucial element in design.

Red to Raise Energy and Excitement Levels

A stimulating color known to create feelings of excitement and intensity, one should take great care when decorating with red. Avoid over-stimulation by featuring red accents in high energy spaces like the living room or entryway, or add pops of red to bring passion to the bedroom.

Pictured: Endless Embroidered Pillow (; Coiled Bamboo Fruit Bowl (; Stretch Brixton Slipcover Royal Damask Pillow (; Henna Percale Sheets (

Blue for Calm and Serenity

While a warm or bright blue has been shown to have a calming effect, darker shades of blue can actually evoke feelings of sadness. Refrain from deep blues. Instead use spa-like shades throughout the home.

Pictured… Summer Bounty Pitcher (; Casablanca Rose Waverly Slipcover (; Ombre Geometric Pillow Cover (; Whale Tissue Holder (

Green to Sooth and Unwind

Often used for its soothing effect, green is known to researchers as the easiest color on the eye. Evoke the calming qualities of nature by using green in bedrooms or living rooms to help unwind after a stressful work day.

Pictured… Stretch Vintage Crosshatch Slipcover (; Glass Bud Vase (; Lime Green Pillow Cover (; Apple Green Wall Clock (

Yellow for Happiness

Warm and stimulating, yellow will put some pep in your step. Use soft shades for dominant décor, or pops of bright yellow to infuse happiness and joy into a room. Yellow has also been shown to raise anxiety levels and respiration rates, so use sparingly outside of high-energy spaces!

Pictured… Beneath the Trees Collection (; Suzani Pillow Slips (; Turkish Bath Towels (; Vintage Overdyed Turkish Rug (

Orange for Creative Interaction

A combination of red and yellow, orange encourages playful interaction. Use in areas to promote conversation, or feature accents in the home office to enhance creativity.

Pictured… Spring Blossom Napkins (; Zig Zag and Chevron Stack Pillows (; Orange and Brown Crochet Rug (; Orange Pillow Cover (
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