The Real Estate Game

This is one of me and my husband’s favorite games, although we don’t get to play very often. We found a whole new interesting side of real estate when we were looking to purchase a home here in Missouri. First it started with all the home renovation shows, then we rolled right into the new buyer shows.

When we first learned about the massive pricing variations between the east coast, mid-west, west coast, etc… we were pretty shocked. Homes that look like they were worth $750,000 easy, are only around $350,000 here in the mid-west. Then homes that look like they are around $120,000 here, are $450,000 in California. I’m constantly surprised. So now we love it when we can make a game of it.

So… the basics of the game is to pick homes in various geographical locations, write out the stats, then throw the numbers around and try to guess what goes with what. We’re getting really good at it. Just by location alone, we can hone in on that price range. Sometimes we’re way off, especially with a trick junker thrown in the mix, but it’s still lots of fun.

Now you can give it a try! Test out your real estate IQ with the homes listed below. Can you guess which price goes with which home? These are real homes, on the market, for sale right now…

How to Play
Grab a pen and paper. Compare the homes listed in "The Stats" section, to the accompanying prices in "The Numbers" section. Write down what you think goes with what. An example = 5C. That would be my guess of home #5 with price C. 

When you’re done, click on the answer key at the bottom of this post to enlarge it [yes, it's that little, tiny black dot right under all the arrows pointing to it... click that for the answers]. Then you can check your work! Good luck!!

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