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I’ve always been very into the study of the special relationships between people and the stars, planets, numbers, animals, etc… I’ve always enjoyed Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac and have recently become very interested in Numerology.

Life is so uncertain and there are so many questions. It’s really fun to take a peek, read on and get that eerie feeling, like someone has been studying you because of how perfectly the text describes you, then excitedly read on in the hopes of learning of a rich and wonderful future.

Most people I’ve met have been right on target with traits, especially when it comes to the Zodiac. I’ve had one miss with Numerology, but my single digit number was right on. So where do you fall? This is how to play…

All you have to do, is add up the numbers of your birthday until you come down to a single digit. Super simple! The only exceptions are 11, 22 and 33. They themselves fall in the Numerology mix, so if you end up with an 11, 22 or 33 the first time around, that’s your number. So for me, my birthday is July 14, 1982. In numbers, that comes to…

7 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 32

Now that’s not an 11, 22 or a 33, so I add on…

3 + 2 = 5

My single digit Numerology number is a 5!

Once you get yours, you can find out what it all means…

You are a doer. You do not let anyone or anything stop you or limit you. You are aggressive, which is the energy you need to keep driving forward. You are always on the go, directing and leading. You are confident, strong, determined and poses the ability to turn dreams into reality. Read more here

You are gentle, considerate, subtle, compassionate and understanding, but are not to be underestimated. Sometimes your humility and ability to share, love, do for others and be kind, can be mistaken for weakness, but that is not you. You are powerful and full of calm, inner strength. Read more here

You are truly gifted, although a little scattered and usually always in need of help to focus, all due to your extreme creativity. You have a deep desire to express yourself, your imagination, visions, everything inside. You thrive in art. You are charming and witty with an awesome sense of humor. Read more here

You are full of power with a balanced life. You are responsible, fruitful, always on time and endlessly obedient. You are not very creative or artistic and may not be very social, perhaps a little bit of a recluse. You can be very persistent and are always trustworthy and patient. Read more here

Of all the numbers, you are the most energetic and vibrant. You are always on the move and yearn for constant change. You are very independent, seek adventure, are a risk-taker. You like to change jobs, relationships. You can be very loyal and love very deeply, but may end relationships and friendships often from sheer restlessness. Read more here

You tend to put everyone before yourself. You are nurturing, loving, caring and always willing to sacrifice your needs for the needs of the people you love and care about. You are truly balanced and harmonious. You can sometimes feel used, because if sacrificing too much, others around you may take advantage. You are a great friend, a great listener. You take the problems of those you care about very personal. Read more here

You may be a little uneasy in social situations, prefer to be on your own and may even be quite shy when it comes to more than one-on-one interactions. You are truly intellectual, maybe even very interested in odd thoughts, the occult, theories and predictions. You are a dreamer. You may be quite spiritual, but not in a religious way. Just have a deep sense of self, your connection to the world, your connection to others. Read more here

You have a strong drive towards business, finance and managing. You can create and do many great things, but you can tear apart and demolish just as much as you have the ability to produce. You are super-efficient, organized. You tend to be very goal oriented and focused. You also practice very good judgment and tend to be very real. Read more here

You seek experience, travel, knowledge and are truly cultured. Your mind is always on the masses. You think large. You are aware of the connection between people, the planet, animals. You are a true humanitarian at heart and try to reduce any kind of footprint. You are very accepting and very mindful. Read more here

You have awesome natural instincts, are quite compelling and your personality is magnetic and catchy. You can be very goal oriented, but may sometimes lack the focus to reach goals. You have the ability to do so much, but can sometimes sabotage your own work. Even though outwardly you seem very outgoing, you can be quite shy and anti-social at times. Read more here

You are the most powerful of all the numbers. You can literally turn thoughts, dreams, visions and wishes into real life happenings. You can be extremely self-assured and awesomely meticulous, but you put a lot of pressure on yourself. Sometimes it can get the best of you. At times, you may keep yourself down, holding you back from opportunities because of a lack of believing in yourself, how powerful you really are. Read more here

You can be truly charitable. Very giving and caring. You possess the ability to be very empathetic. You are clever and extremely knowledgeable, especially when it comes to your passions. At times you can become very preoccupied with your many obligations and can push others aside. Perhaps even be a little neglectful of relationships and friendships at times. Read more here
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