What to Work on Next

My husband and I just finished up 12 weeks of Jillian Michaels Revolution. I absolutely LOVE this program. I completed the program summer 2012, then got lazy again during the cold winter months. I get so overly chill during the winter. This year was much more fun because we did it together.

What’s been really exciting, is the fact that he wants to keep working out with me. He’s been so happy with his aerobic fitness and overall strength and muscle tone. Now he doesn’t want to lose it, and neither do I.

We’ve set a schedule to keep that is modeled right after Revolution, because we’ve enjoyed it so much:

1 >>> We pick 1 aerobic workout to repeat every Wednesday, for 4 weeks.

2 >>> We pick 4 circuit training or advanced Pilates videos, to rotate similar to the set up with Jillian Michaels.

So for the first 2 weeks, we’ll be doing mystery video 1 on Monday and Thursday, mystery video 2 on Tuesday and Friday and mystery aerobics on Wednesdays. Then we’ll switch out to 2 weeks of mystery video 3 on Monday and Thursday, mystery video 4 on Tuesday and Friday and the same mystery aerobics on Wednesdays. Then we start an entire new 4 week circuit, with 5 new videos and routines.

This way we are constantly causing muscle confusion. With all the different trainers and types of programs, all muscle areas will get blasted in every possible direction, for the most extreme fitness.

Now we’re looking at what to tackle next. We have TONS of weights, bands… we’re so excited to try someone new. I super love Jillian, but I’ve been using her videos exclusively for 2 years. I really need a new voice in my head for a little while.

We’re actually going to hit up Barnes and Nobles. The selection of videos is awesome. I’ve always been a huge fan of Gaiam. They have some spectacular Pilate’s videos. I’m thinking of jumping in with some Jackie Warner. I’ve never used her videos, but I did use to watch her show years ago. I like her.

I do have to laugh, though, when I see the selection available online. Some of the training videos are so weird. I didn’t know chair aerobics was a thing? Or tap dancing your way to health?  But you know, I was always curious about the stripper pole aerobics. I’m not sure if that died out or not. So what about you? Anything you loved that you could pass on? Send me a note and we’ll compare!


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