3 Awesome Places in KCMO

We get so tired of being cooped up in the house during the week. Every weekend, we take 6-8 hours and roam the streets of KCMO. Last week we found 3 incredible new places to frequent.

1 >>> Phoenix Herb Company: I always keep my hopes low so I don’t get bummed out if a place I research on the net turns out not-so-good. This place is amazing! Right off of Main Street, full of specialty blended teas, the most incredible incense, cone, etc… selection + all of the burners and accessories… and tons of carrier oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. I was picking up some jojoba and lavender for my handmade deodorant and a homemade perfume/hair shine flyaway potion. Fabulous, fabulous place.

2 >>> Cellar and Loft: We were super sad because they had a huge reception going on and couldn’t get downstairs… BUT… were very impressed. The atmosphere is gorgeous, they hold wine tastings and the woman looking over the place was incredibly knowledgeable. They have a nice assortment of organic wines, which is what I’m always on the lookout for. I’ll be going back in a week for the pinot grigio when it comes in. They didn’t have the Chilean red hubby was looking for in stock, but she suggested a petite sirah from California, that he LOVED.

3 >>> Bo Lings: HOLY MOLY… Bo Lings! I am soooooooo in love. I saved my Saturday treat meal just for the occasion. Everything was phenomenal. I had the absolute best peking duck of my life. There, they called it the roast duck with dumplings, scallion and hoisin. Best thing I’ve eaten anywhere in years. I was beyond impressed. 


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