Fall Cleaning Checklist

Everyone always talks about “spring cleaning.” That super deep, get in every area of the home cleaning, that we do right when spring arrives, so we can open up, air out our homes and let in the light. A lot of people don't realize, that there is really important cleaning and prepping that also needs to be done for fall. Especially if you want to avoid snow spots melting through the roof and burst hoses. 

In our home, there are 3 types of cleaning that get rotated:

1 >>>  The regular cleaning: This includes all the day to day cleaning, like countertops and tables. It also breaks down into the regular vacuuming and bathroom mirrors. This is done at least once a week, up to daily for tasks like countertops and tables that are used daily.

2 >>> The deep cleaning: This includes mopping floors, tubs, toilets, dusting and lots of vacuuming in crazy places with hose attachments. I do this type of cleaning twice a month, so bi-weekly.

3 >>> Insane Cleaning: This is the seasonal cleaning. We’re talking outside of the house, walls, windows, all up in the couches, closets, etc… I’m an avid believer in decluttering. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. I bring bags and bags to the thrift stores and dump when I get into this mode, which is at least twice a year.

For your regular cleaning rotation, be sure to check out my cleaning checklist with free printable HERE. And you’ll find my deep cleaning checklist and free printable for Fall below! Enjoy!!

{{{ click here for free printable list }}}
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