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So… I mentioned earlier in the week that I’m an organic freak. I’ve just gotten so fed up with knowing when I eat non-organic foods, I’m ingesting tons of hormones, antibiotics and obesogens. Completely messing up my metabolism, making me estrogen dominate and leaving my body open to cancer stimulation.

My real horror came in to play when I start putting together the pieces and discovered the possible link between pesticides and my kid’s mild autism. I just didn’t know back then. Every time I ate an apple, pear, peach, spinach - I thought I was doing something wonderful for my pregnancy. Who knows what I really doing on the level of neurodevelopment.

This is the time to take charge and make the changes. Make sure my kids don’t get any of that stuff, and that neither do hubby and I. I called around a bit ago and got the shopping buzz on where all the fresh organics are in Kansas City, MO. The following are the places I've been hitting. If you don’t live local, definitely call around for local organic options. It’s so worth it.

You’ll be happy to know, you don’t have to make the long trip to Whole Foods, if it’s as far from you, as it is from us. It's an amazing place to visit if you're close. We go every now and again for super specialty items I absolutely can't find local, but...

Hyvee, as of 2 months ago, now has over 100 choices in the produce department! They’ve really been bending to fit everyone’s needs and have made an amazing effort. This is the place to hit up for fresh fruit and veg organics. They also have their awesome natural section for other organics, plus natural no antibiotic meats, no steroids, free range organic eggs and dairy spread throughout. A great place to shop.

Our local Wal-Mart has some amazing organic and natural choices. I’ve been really pleased with them. The only place they are still behind, is in the red meat department and definitely the fruit and veggies. I have only found organic bananas once, and nothing else. Then for veg, only spinach, carrots, celery and a couple other packed options. They do carry organic free range eggs, natural pork and chicken. They carry a section of natural hair and body care products. Spread in the isles, is where the real finds are. Organic milk, peanut butter, mustard, ketchup, cereals, flax and more, including their own Great Value brand organics. They have really stepped it up in the fabulous KCMO.

Around here, I highly suggest Hyvee for new meat options, all fruit and veg, breads, etc… then hitting Wal-Mart for less expensive staples. So great to be able to stay organic locally and not bust your budget.

Tips for Non-Locals: Call around! Do not be afraid to call and talk to the produce department. You will be surprised how amazingly kind people are. I’ve never spoken to anyone who wasn’t knowledgeable and completely kind. If the selection is small, or non-existent and you need your local grocer to get on board, keep calling. Have your friends call. If they know there is a market, they will follow eventually.     
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