National Eat Local Day

Chef Sarah Stegner of Northbrook, IL {Prairie Grass Café} and Cindy Kurman of Kurman Communications, Inc. have founded National Eat Local Day to be held annually on the Fall Equinox, September 22. There hope is that leading chefs across the country can work together to raise awareness of the importance of supporting local sustainable farms. They hope to increase the flow of local sustainable food to the restaurant tables across the country, in order to protect their farm lands and to ensure their success, so future generations have access.

Eating local foods is better for you, for the environment, is fresher, lasts longer and tastes better. There is a huge difference between products shipped from across the US sealed in plastic, in comparison to foods picked straight off the vine. We’re talking much more sustainable, supporting your local economy, less environmental impact, better food safety and awesome fresh seasonal variety.

I think raising awareness for local eating is an incredible idea. If you are located in any of the areas with awesome eateries supporting National Eat Local Day, be sure to pop in for a meal. For more information about National Eat Local Day, including participating chefs and restaurants, definitely hit up the website at


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