10 Recipes You Have to Try

I make up recipes, try new recipes from the net, all of my cookbooks, make my own adjustments… I try every single week to make at least 4 completely new dinners, including new sides. Otherwise, eating at home gets monotonous for everyone. Then I just rotate in old and new favorites.

These are some of my absolute favorite recipes I’ve been eating over the past few weeks. They are so incredible, they have to be passed on. Some I kept exactly as is, some I cleaned up a bit with little replacements. Either way you prep them, they are amazing.

The only replacements I typically make to clean a recipe up, is replacing all sugars with Truvia baking blend and completely omitting oils and butters. For example, the Potato and Tomato Galettes – I don’t use any olive oil. I just spray each layer of sliced potatoes with a dash of organic olive oil spray. For the Espresso-Balsamic Roasted Chicken, I replaced the sugar with Truvia baking blend. You get the idea. Super simple changes.


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