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I looooove dates! I never had them until my early 20’s. I feel kinda bad, but the person who had them wasn’t really eating them at all, so I completely cleaned out there fridge. I buy them all the time now. They are so full of fiber and vitamins.

This is my favorite late night naughty snack. I split this recipe in half, so I get right around a 150-165 calorie clean eating fix that fits perfectly into my diet. I’m sort of a night binger, so I always save one of my days treats for after the kids are put to sleep.

1 package Truvia
1/4 cup part skim ricotta cheese
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
Dozen dates, pitted

A Note about Ingredients
You can also sweeten with honey or maple syrup, etc… I prefer to use Truvia because aside from clean eating, I also eat low glycemic. I try to knock out the insulin stimulants as much as possible, because well… that’s what makes your body store fat.

If you’re looking for some extra added protein, you can press in any kind of raw nut you’d like. I personally love almonds.

Mix together the Truvia, ricotta and most of the cinnamon. Leave just a dash for dusting, if you like to eat pretty stuff like I do. It makes me feel like I’m eating a real treat when I dress things up.

Open your dates and stuff each one with a teaspoon of the ricotta mixture. Then dust with cinnamon and enjoy! They taste like little cannoli’s!
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