DIY metallic pumpkins

I love switching out my décor seasonally, but I don’t love spending a ton of dough. This year to add a little fall flair, I decided to make a metallic pumpkin collection. It was so fun and it only cost me a few bucks for the pumpkins.

I already had the spray paint metallic silver and gold on hand from my upcycled wine bottle décor and the metal touches in our guest room. The palomino gold from the DIY gallery wall in our bathroom, the tantalizing teal from the guest bed and other little touches in the guest room, and the regal purple from our DIY dresser.

This project is super easy. I used a couple of self-made techniques. You don’t have to do any prepping. The first technique I used, was spray painting the large pumpkin in gold first, then when dry, going over it in the teal in a sloppy coat, so the gold shone through.

The second technique was first painting two of the pumpkins in palomino gold and royal purple, then when dry, going over with a slight wisp of gold and silver spray paints.

The third technique was a blend. Some of the tinier pumpkins I simply spray painted plain silver and gold. Then I spray painted two white. 

When the white was dried, I placed a paper towel over the top and poked the vine through... 

...then sprayed just the vine with gold. That’s it. Super simple. I had these done in about an hour. I left them to dry completely overnight then placed them all around the fireplace and on the mantle. We love them!

The best part - when Halloween comes, you can totally carve them up. They are going to spoil anyway, so the more fun you can have with them, the better. I can’t wait to cut some geometric patterns into all of them and throw them all out on the porch.    
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