The Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we packed up and headed over to our local pumpkin patch, Carolyn’s Country Cousins. A friend my husband works with, suggested checking it out, and I am so glad we did. What a spectacular, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL place.

I’ve always been obsessed with farm photography. I love everything from the bales of hay, to the silos, barns, wide stretches of open land, the actual fields. I think each and every piece is absolutely stunning. This place is a photographers dream…

…and also a parent/kids paradise. We rode the trains, went through the petting zoo area several times, played in the forts, on all the DIY tire swing animals, ate fudge, popcorn, drank hot chocolate… then rode the tractor to the pumpkin fields to pick out our faves to take home.

Not only is it a great trip, but every time you’re dropping cash, you’re directly supporting your remarkable local farmers. All in all, this is a cool place to visit every year for your pumpkin, wine, fudge, fruit spread and pumpkin doughnut needs.


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